Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fireproof Date Night

As I was contemplating what to do for our weekly date night last Tuesday, I had some ideas begin to grow in my mind until they became a reality last Friday night.  This date could be customizable to just takes a little creativity.

I decided that we would begin the night with some "Love Tasks" to earn some prizes.
I wrote down a whole bunch of tasks for both of us to complete.  Some of them were silly, some romantic.  If you want the whole list, leave a comment and I'll post again.

I glued them onto some random sheets of scrapbook paper and laminated them...this would be a super fun group date night!
Then I put the four prizes under some towels:
And I let my sweetie pick a prize for every three tasks completed well.
(For your info: two of the towels are hiding new shirts for Patrick, one of the towels had a box of bakery donuts, and the last towel was holding the movie Fireproof, which we ended our date night watching.) {I would highly recommend this movie.  It is about stengthening our marriages through the Lord.}

As part of our tasks, we had to commit to doing something from each of the Five Love Languages (a book we love by Gary Chapman).  I cut out 5 pairs of scrapbook squares and we wrote our commitments on them.  We didn't let each other see them.  Every month for the next 5 months, we will choose one, read it, and perform our commitment for each other.  I'm really excited for this!!

The last task wasn't a part of the task cards.  This one was a spouses scavenger hunt I created:
If you can't read the items, here they are:
Find something they love
Something they like
Something they just tolerate
and something they dislike
Find something they made
Something they bought
Something they found
And something they got...from you as a gift.

We each had ten minutes to locate everything on the list and put it in a grocery sack for sharing.

Here are some of my favorites:
Something we loved.

Things we made (I chose the boys for Patrick and Patrick chose the ribbon to represent making our house into a home...)
The picture of us represents what Patrick found....ME!

And this is Scarftot. (Yes, Easton named him).  He lost him for a long long time and was quite sad.  But earlier this particular morning I had found him in the dryer! Patrick chose him to represent something I had found. :)

And last, but not least, something we gave each other.
Ironically, we both chose the wedding present we had purchased for each each other.  It was kind of a precious moment when we realized that.

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  1. Jamie,
    You are so creative, and fun. You inspire me to be a better person.