Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure...

Do you remember those books we all used to read growing up?  They were called Choose Your Own Adventure books and allowed you to choose how the story would turn out. I definitely read my fair share of them.

A while ago I won an exciting giveaway from Krista on While He Was Napping.
She has a lovely etsy shop with all kinds of fun things for great prices.
But my giveaway prize happened to be a fully personalized Choose Your Own Adventure Date.

The first thing Krista did was to send me a questionnaire so that she could customize the date for us.  She included questions about prices limits and activities you would enjoy doing.  I had so much fun filling out the questionnaire and wondered how my Adventure book would turn out to be.

This is what I found in my mailbox:

I absolutely LOVED the packaging, and though what's inside is more important, I was instantly impressed with the presentation!

I scoured the book from cover to cover as soon as I opened it.  I was thrilled to say the least.  She had written a perfect story that fit us like a glove.  Since it was a "stay-at-home" date, it was inexpensive and economical.  However, Krista is good at writing pricey dates too.  Like I mentioned before, Krista can customize your date to spend nothing or to spend extravagantly.  She is a gifted writer, as I found upon reading our book.
Plus, there was a bonus.  She threw in vinyl decals to be applied to goblets.  Those were also customizable.  I chose to have our initials.   (She had some other great ideas like "His" and "Hers" or "His Majesty" and "Her Majesty.")
She also included two lover's lotto cards...which are basically darling, handmade scratch cards.

Our evening was completely blissful.  I had so much fun planning our date as a surprise for Patrick.  And it was so easy to do since I already had the date night packaged for me!
Here are some pictures I snapped during the night.
Our Candlelight Dinner


Our "Dance Floor"

And after it was over, I cried.  I know I'm silly, but I had such a wonderful night.   It was the best night we had had for such a long time and I was sad to see it end.
But then Patrick reminded me that we can do it again...and choose the other choices! :)

Thank you Krista, for giving us this "adventurous" date night.

You can see Krista's blog by clicking here and here is the link to her etsy shop.

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