Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Easton's Movie--the first

Last week I completed Easton's movie for his upcoming birthday....It's a year late.  Let me explain...

I decided a few years ago that instead of scrapbooking {which I don't particularly enjoy} (but, which I must add is a wonderful and very meaningful way to create and preserve memories) I would make my children a movie each birthday that captures their previous year in photos and home video.

Therefore, after watching all the tutorials at least twice and practicing on several other movies and slideshows over the past few years (which I will post about at a future date), I decided to undertake Easton's first movie.  
Let me first say that this project was the most rewarding gift I have ever made for him (in his short three years of life with us).  There really isn't anything like watching and rewatching video as you try to edit it into a special memory.  There are not adequate words to describe it.  Nostalgia?  Saudade?  Yearning?  Bittersweet, sorrowful-joy?  Maybe the word that best sums it up is motherhood.

And so with love for Easton kindling in my heart {did I mention he was visiting grandparents during this whole endeavor...which made the yearning all the brighter} I completed the 49 minute movie and burned it to a DVD.  
It's entitled Easton's First Year.

Though I am a year behind, maybe next year I will have the energy and time to make him two...(I guess we'll see.  I still have to make Tate's by December).

I think I am a better person because of this project...hopefully a better mother.  I feel so much more love for Easton than I ever thought would be possible.  Maybe that's what creating is all about. 
Creating for someone...
Learning to love in a deeper way because of the creation...
Drawing closer to God and to your loved one...
Developing the pure love of Christ--even the unfailing gift of charity.

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